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Meet Coach Troy

Coach Troy is a renowned Life & Business Strategist who is recognized as an expert on topics that produce outstanding results for professionals in both their personal lives and in their businesses. He is certified by his mentors, and proven by the results he has created for his clients. His passion to learn, execute, and inspire people makes him an ideal resource for people who want to start a new chapter in their life that is aligned with their true goals.

Coach Troy’s first major achievement as a coach started when he became a mastery level coach of the Robbins Madanes program which is taught by Tony Robbins. Since studying Tony’s programs, Coach Troy has been serving people with those strategies with incredible and rapid success. Coach Troy has mastered the NLP style strategies of Tony Robbins by first applying them to his own life to end his addiction to alcohol and a limiting mindset that was producing depressed results. Today he has taught people around the world how to understand their emotional needs and change the story and strategy controlling their results. He has had the opportunity to intercept suicide attempts, reversed many marriage divorces, and recalibrated the lives of executives who were on a path of downward spiral. The 6 human needs exercise is especially a key part of what Coach Troy appreciated for.

Coach Troy is also a extremely proud partner of Bob Proctor as a Certified PGI Consultant. Together with Bob’s expertise, Troy is creating massive impact in people’s lives teaching them the how to master the habits and beliefs which are proven to give you the dreams you only could dream of. Bob Proctor has been studying human behavior and the laws of the universe for over 60 years. What Bob has taught Coach Troy has really moved his vision to a whole new level. Coach Troy first met Bob Proctor’s work during the movie called, “The Secret”. It was then that he began studying Bob and learned to understand how paradigms were the cause of our results in any area of our life.

Coach Troy has combined all of the knowledge learned from these leaders and so many other people who really have shaped his world because of the clues they have shared from their teachings. The other very important people in his life have been; Jim Rohn, Chet Holmes, Brendon Burchard, and Robert Kiyosaki, and so many more whom have provided guidance and inspiration.

Coach Troy primarily teaches Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results program and adds massive value when combining his knowledge from other leaders and the experience in his own life. Clients either join his impactful mastermind groups, or they become 1:1 clients.

A huge part of Coach Troy’s life is his passion to include his family in his business. Luke and Everett are his 2 sons whom are 12 and 10 years old. Luke is a full time Kidpreneur and does product reviews, social media management, and marketing for international clients. Everett is a up & coming YouTube expert and very passionate about learning marketing.

Coach Troy’s wife, Robie, is a 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo and Luke is a 1st Dan Blackbelt. Both son’s are homeschooled and use Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins courses as part of their curriculum. As of 2019, both Luke and his Dad have created courses and programs to teach families how to be Kidpreneur inspired. They are now teaching Bob Proctor programs to families who are committed to living life on their own terms and away from a school system that has so many limitations for a business mindset.

Coach Troy’s life to this point is proof that your desire, attitude, and commitment to making uncomfortable decisions will accelerate you to the levels you normally only dream of. Like so many people, his dreams used to seem like fairy tales until he made the decision to learn how to be in the top 5% of high performance people rather than the 95% who find themselves in a place of struggle. That decision to start chapter 2 of his life came in 2011. He removed the negative people, removed the alcohol, the anxiety, and the story comprised of limiting beliefs that was holding him in a place with results that just weren’t satisfactory to his self image.

A message from Coach Troy:
I am proud of the life I get to live, and the family at my side following my lead of giving service to other people. I surround myself with amazing and inspiring people who help me achieve my dreams and live the life of freedom that I have chosen. What I put my mind to, I am achieving. What I give less energy to, is naturally leaving my life and no longer am I feeling required to take part in destructive and limiting conversations. I have laser focus on my goals, I have inspiring internal and external language, and I show up with vibrancy to everything I get the privilege to be a part of!

I am grateful to have partnered with Bob Proctor and in 2022, I will have taught over 1000 people the TIR program that changed my life and my families lives for generations to follow. What I have learned, and executed needs to be taught to even more people, and that to me is inspiring! Bob and so many other great people have changed my life, and I am dedicating the rest of my journey to empowering as many people around the world to learn how to live a life of abundance and on a frequency that delivers magical results to every area of there life!

I am proud of my achievements, they are a result of me deciding to be outstanding!


These include:

  • I have an exciting marriage with my wife and best friend. Together we have built a family that is full of energy and work as a team.
  • I have 2 sons who are successful Kidpreneurs & are a result of my attitude toward their journey.
  • I grew my income from below average to the top 2% in North America.
  • My coaching clients are from all walks of life, executives, entrepreneurs, & sales people.
  • My personal score in sales is over $400 million in products and services that I provided clients.
  • I received awards from major companies and clients like John Deere, Fastenal Industrial Supplies, and many more for setting records in sales and customer satisfaction.
  • I created many amazing teams for companies, which also achieved record sales achievements.
  • My inner circle of friends are amazing, supportive, and part of our family.
  • My health improved dramatically from being alcohol and anxiety free!
  • I feel free to be the best version of me!
  • I have the ability and confidence to remove anything or anyone lowering my frequency.


Coach Troy’s 5 favorite topics to speak on is:

  • Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor.
  • Creating business strategies that give outstanding results.
  • Living an exciting life, on a powerful frequency.
  • Teaching parents and children about Kidpreneurship!
  • Creating empowered teams that all work aligned with purpose while generating crazy profit!
  • Designing business and marketing plans that increase sales immediately with excitement!


Coach Troy is here to help you achieve the results you really want to achieve. When you work with him you get Coach Troy. He will guide you through a program that is really going to change your life, and enable you to be impactful for yourself, your family, and the people you do business with. Combined with Bob Proctors program, you will be mentored by people who are passionate to help you achieve success immediately!